First Act

First Act @ Cognizant Academy
Big Turn :-
Started my new life at Cognizant on 26-Oct-2012. That was a day which takes me from College to Corporate. After two day induction Program, joined my training academy on 30-11-2012 at ASV Sun Tech IT Park, Metukkuppam, Chennai.

I was enrolled into Mainframe Technology with total of 26 members in my batch. Smart Sriram is our Batch Owner very active and enthusiastic man.

First Act :-
I had my "First Act" Learn with Fun session on 09-Nov-2012 along with Datawarehousing Batch our total head count reaches 55.

Organized By -  Sarath & Priya

Sarath split the groups into 5 teams of each 11 member. We are asked to pick a lot by teams which contains different roles like,
  • Producer
  • Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Music Director
  • Script Writer
  • Screen Play
  • Actors
Time chart has been displayed to us regarding What to do? When to finish all the activities? - Its a Theme of Developing a Story and making it live with Trailers and showing full movie by acting on the stage by teams.


  All producers got instruction based on the story theme line they are expecting in their film. Directors got ideas regarding the resource usage. Only directors involved with the tam members, all the producers were asked to sit in a different area apart from their respective groups.

After some time, discussions moved in all the teams, charts, sketches has been given to producers. None of the team meet producer regarding what they need ? what to do in film story like that? After sometime directors from different team came up with a story. Producers started rejecting their story and told that we are expecting a different concept like that. 

Then, the team started working based on producer needs, We got an alert from Sarath, regarding performing our trailers. Most of the team did somewhat good after trailer over all teams presented full movie on the stage.

Everyone participated actively on the stage performed their skills in acting. 

After Lunch, Priya discussed about Cognizant Culture and some general things in Cognizant. 

Special guest  -  Babu came to our room and share his ideas about his life in Cognizant. Most of us impressed on his words, action sequences which he made while communicating to us. It increased our mind more that we can also do the best in Cognizant. After 1 hr 15 mins talk babu finished his session and priya continued her session.

They shared what we have did on Morning, How we can relate that to corporate position?. We started answering to them,
Hidden facts in the previous game is,
  • Producer - Client
  • Director - Project Leader
  • Assistant Director - Team Leader
  • Music Director - Technical Lead
  • Script Writer - Document Writer
  • Screenplay - Design Layout 
  • Actors - Associates
From the above things we have also understood the essential skills needed in corporate.
  • Time management - Most of our team didn't perform our performance on time
  • Planning - No team had proper planning in activity
  • Communication -  Communication goes in different languages, some of the team members keep quiet because of not understanding languages. Failed to use common language during meeting.
  • Presentation - Since no planning has been made, our presentation was not perfect.
6 Key Facts

  1. Empowerment
  2. Transparency
  3. Collaboration
  4. Passion
  5. Integrity
  6. Customer Focus
For Associates - Passion for making a Difference
For Clients - Passion for building Stronger Businesses


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